Baker Bins

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“We all have memories of our loved ones cooking. Whether it be making cookies, watching them prepare dinner, or learning to cook with that special loved one. We love the memories created from cooking, which is why we created Baker Bins. So you can create your own memories and of course enjoy our yummy treats as well! We understand that these days food allergies are important; which is why we made sure everyone can enjoy our bins with a gluten free kit! It will leave your mouth wanting more. These kits make great memories, gifts, and a fun learning experience. Bring out your inner baker and make new memories! Happy Baking!”
-The Baker Bins Staff

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One thought on “Baker Bins

  1. I recently purchased the Sugar Cookie Kit along with the Brownie Kit for a fun “cooking girls night” THEY WERE DELICIOUS! and easy to make, which was perfect for a group of girls who have no idea on how to bake. The kits were sent the same day I ordered, and I received it within the week. I am truly impressed and very happy with these Baker Kits, I’m already planning my next order!🙂

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